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Skin Whitening

Our products work best for very dark to black skin complexion. We guarantee potency and dermatologist-grade skin whitening products.

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Skin Whitening


Skin Whitening by Misaki is specifically-formulated for those people whose skin does not respond well to mild skin whitening products.

Our products work best for very dark skin complexion. Unlike commercial skin whitening products, Misaki is prepared in high concentrations of all the active ingredients to deliver great results. We guarantee potency and dermatologist-grade skin whitening products.

Lightening your skin can be very difficult if you're not using the right products.

Our skin contains a thick layer of dead skin cells that, aside from adding up to its dark skin tone, makes skin lightening products difficult to absorb. You may have tried tons of skin whitening products and you may have given up and thought that nothing really worked. Truth is, lightening your skin is very easy to do. You just need to know which product is right and how to use it.

Intensive Skin Whitening

Finding an effective skin whitening product is very difficult. Most of the products available online or over-the-counter are very mild that you won't notice any result except for softer and smoother skin. Here at Misaki, we know exactly what you need, and we get straight to the point. We won't just moisturize your skin or make it more supple. We will make your skin lighter.

Skin Whitening Products

We are aware of the skin whitening problems that dark-skinned people are facing today so we have researched for the best skin whitening formula available. We target problem areas such as:

Stubborn Dark Spots which needs a strong formula to make very dark areas lighter such as the knees, elbows, ankles and knuckles.

Intimate Areas which needs a special formula because it needs to be potent enough to slough off dead skin cells while bleaching it. But it also has to be gentle enough for sensitive areas of the skin such as nipples, groins, genitals and anus.


Worth the Effort

We don't want you to be wasting your time doing your skin whitening regimen everyday for nothing. We know how time-consuming that is, and we'll make it worth-doing. We guarantee that you will see results in just 2 weeks!



Body Whitening

All our products are dermatologist-grade and the formula that we use are guaranteed to deliver great results. We only use safe ingredients at high concentrations for an intense skin whitening.

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Facial Whitening

Facial whitening is very similar with body whitening in that they both need exfoliation and bleaching. However, the products used for the face is milder because it's more sensitive.

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Other Products

We use natural active ingredients at high potency levels for maximum skin whitening. Our products are perfect for hard-to-lighten areas such as underarms, dark lips and nipples, genital area, and many others.

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